Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) - Spanish

 Modern Foreign Languages at Heamoor School

Our Intent 

At Heamoor School, we passionately believe that learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures and enables us to engage with our global community. As well as helping the children develop their linguistic skills, we are equally committed to fostering their curiosity and helping them explore and celebrate life beyond their everyday realities. Our desire is that children are equipped with the skills and the confidence needed to apply their new-found language skills in an authentic Spanish-speaking environment.

Our creative and interactive language sessions equip children with the linguistic skills needed to engage in basic Spanish conversation, to express their feelings and opinions and to ask and respond to questions about themselves and their families. Each topic is taught using a variety of songs, familiar stories and visuals, and learning is consolidated through the use of games and roleplay with the aim of preparing the children for real life language scenarios. All learning is consolidated in the Summer Term, when each year group works towards a final project.

Our MFL curriculum seeks to promote the early development of linguistic competence and ensures that pupils transition into Key Stage 3 with a secure grounding in a modern foreign language.

Spanish Culture 

We celebrate several annual events which take place across Spain and Latin America. 

These include:

El Día de los Muertos

Los Reyes Magos   


Las Fallas

What do our pupils think? 
 "I think learning a foreign language is useful because if you went to that country you would understand people and people could understand you."
"I think learning Spanish is useful because you can communicate with people who don't live in your country."
"My favourite thing about Spanish  lessons is writing in Spanish and learning about the Day of the Dead."
"My favourite thing about Spanish lessons is the games because they are fun and they help me concentrate."
Spanish Resources
Below are some of our favourite songs which we love to sing together in our Spanish lessons and in singing assembly, along with a range of resources to help you expand your Spanish vocabulary. Listen out for Miss Crosse's voice as she helps you to pronounce words correctly.  
Please do also explore the Rockalingua website to find some of your own favourite songs and resources.