Computing and E-Safety

  • Mr Scott Markham

    Computing Lead

At Heamoor  School, we teach the computing subject content outlined in the National Curriculum in a progressive manner in line with our current Long Term Plan.

We believe that children should leave primary school confident and safe users of a range of digital devices. As a school, we have access to multiple class sets of Chrome books as well I-pads, microbits and various other digital devices to support our learners. 

We are dedicated to ensure that alongside digital literacy, we are developing a deeper understating of what it means to stay safe on line and how to highlight any concerns that children (and adults) may encounter whilst on line.

This page will give you all the relevant information with regards to our rationale, values and progression maps that impact our children. It is also a means to disseminate any current messages and of course it's a great place to see what exciting learning is happening throughout the school.

 Our 3I's document informs what we do, how we do it and how we make sure that our learners are understanding it. 
At Heamoor School, we believe that is is vitally important that all our community has an up to date awareness of what it means to 'stay safe' on line. The children are taught about this in class but also we invite the Stay-Safe Initiative to the school so they can share their knowledge, tips and expert advise with all our children.
This year our year Key Stage 2 have have been looking at how to use apps and games appropriately and prior to the workshop they were invited to complete an on-line (anonymous) survey.
What do our pupils think?
"I really enjoy Computing lessons because I love using the Chromebooks."
"I love learning new things, especially on the computer. I can find things out to help me using the internet."
"Computing lessons are so good. I wish we did it more often." 
"We get to learn how to do things like creating databases, spreadsheets and designing games."
"The Stay Safe workshops with Richard are great. We learn about e-safety in a really fun way. The toothpaste challenge is the best bit."
"My favourite thing to learn was the 3D modelling. I loved it!"