Design Technology

 Design & Technology at Heamoor School 


At Heamoor School, we understand that D&T allows pupils to solve problems, think creatively and develop ideas. D&T offers pupils a chance to use creative thinking and activity within a defined purpose and tangible outcome. Our school is committed to nurturing pupils’ curiosity and creativity, developing their awareness and the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet as well as preparing them for living in a modern world where technology is rapidly changing and advancing.


By teaching D&T, we aim to help pupils:


  •          Develop their design and making skills.
  •          Use a wide range of tools and materials.
  •          Work individually and collaborate with other pupils in a variety of contexts.
  •          Develop the capability to create products of a high standard through skills and understanding.
  •          Develop an interest in and an understanding of technological processes and the role of manufacturing in society.
  •          Become creative thinkers and learners, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences.
  •          Learn about working safely and using protective measures.
  •          Explore the man-made world and encourage discussion of how we live and work within it.
  •          Develop their knowledge and understanding of design and technologies.
  •          Learn the principles of nutrition, healthy eating and how to cook.
  •          Evaluate designs, products and their approach made by themselves and their peer groups.
Links with the Local Community 
NHS Art Competition - Oct 2019 
This Year the whole school took part in a National competition led by the NHS. The Children were asked to design a Healthcare Facility of the future, making links to their own experiences and what they would want to see in healthcare facilities of the future. The ideas that pupils came up with were excellent. They ranged from a rainbow rooms, and decorative wallpaper to comfortable seating with beanbags and fluffy cushions and IT equipment to use. We sent over 140 entries, with each child receiving a certificate to keep for taking part. 
Remembrance Day Wreaths - Nov 2019
To mark armistice day, each class created their own wreath using different materials. These were presented during our remembrance day assembly on 11th November. 
Christmas Window Competition - Nov 2019 
We were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the annual Christmas Window competition in Penzance. 
The whole school worked collaboratively within their classes, each taking on an important role in creating the 'Winter Wonderland' window. 
Red Class - Snowflakes using glitter and card. 
Yellow Class - Snowballs covered with artificial snow. 
Orange Class - White Christmas trees using cardboard and felt
Green Class - Falling stars, sewn onto ribbon. 
Blue Class - Giant Christmas presents with hand written notes to the people of Penzance to read
Indigo Class - Snowflake symmetry 
Violet Class - Cardboard cut out houses and Heamoor School. 

Trengwainton Lantern Parade - Nov 2019 

We had the pleasure of welcoming some volunteers from Trengwainton Gardens to our school to help us create ‘house’ shaped lanterns for the Christmas Lantern Parade. Indigo class began by creating their structure from Willow and then covering it with tissue paper and glue mixed with powder paint. Finally, they were finished off with individual designs using coloured tissue paper. Pupils from Indigo Class had the opportunity to take part in the procession with their lanterns.  


Roman Museum - Feb 2020 

To celebrate the end of their topic. Green Class and Blue Class parents were invited to a Museum exhibition where pupils from both classes displayed their Art and Design and DT work with pride. The children worked so hard to create all of their creations. This was a lovely way to share all of their wonderful work. The gallery also provided pupils with an opportunity to demonstrate the different techniques and skills they have been practising throughout the topic as well as providing an opportunity to share these skills with family members and siblings in the school with resources available in the museum. We hope you enjoyed seeing your child's work as much as they enjoyed sharing it. 

D&T in KS1 - Yellow Class and Orange Class 
Autumn 1 
We have been extremely busy developing our Art skills this half-term, visit our Art and Design page to take a look.
Autumn 2
Orange Class and Yellow Class have been very busy learning all about ‘The Stone Age’. Both classes have had the opportunity to focus on a recipe that originates from around the time of the Stone Age, ‘Stone Age Oat Flat Bread’. The children wrote their own set of instructions before getting busy in the kitchen baking their delicious bread. It was a great success with the children also taking some bread home to share with their families at home.
Spring 1 
Yellow and Orange Class have been busy looking at the different foods that the Romans ate. Both classes had a brilliant time following a set of instructions to bake their bread. They followed basic hygiene procedures throughout the activity. What a great afternoon.
Spring 2 
Yellow Class and Orange Class have made some delicious tasty Cornish pasties this half-term, which is very apt as we have just celebrated St Piran's day. All pupils were encouraged to follow basic safety and hygiene procedures throughout their cooking lesson.  They smelt delicious, I'm sure they tasted delicious too.  
D&T in LKS2 - Green Class and Blue Class 
Autumn 1 
Green Class and Blue Class have been spending time preparing and cooking variety of savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques. The children made fruit kebabs, and practiced spreading and cutting a variety of different foods including: pitta pizzas, rice cakes and oatcakes.
Autumn 2
Green Class have been very busy learning all about ‘The Bronze Age’. Pupils have had the opportunity to sculpt their own bell beakers out of clay. Pupils used different tools to mould and manipulate the clay to create a representation of a bell beaker.
Spring 1 
Green Class and Blue Class have been studying ‘The Romans’. They took on a tricky challenge to design and make their own roman sandal suitable to wear to a Roman bath. Both classes spent time looking at traditional dress and what the Romans wore. Then they designed their own sandals, using sketch and pencil. Once they were happy with their design they had to look at different materials and choose the one most fit for purpose. Once the sandals were made, the next challenge was to test it for fit and purpose ensuring it also resembled their original design. Finally pupils spent time evaluating their bell beakers against their original designs.
Spring 2 
Whilst learning about ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ Green Class and Blue Class have been making their own version of papyrus paper which was used in ancient times as a writing surface. Both classes then spent time looking at hieroglyphics and writing their own hieroglyphics onto their handmade papyrus paper as the Egyptians would have done. They also plan to make Canopic jars using a paper mache and clay.
D&T in UKS2 - Indigo Class and Violet Class 
Autumn 1 
Violet Class have had a really busy half term learning about ‘Our World – Natural disasters’. To support them with their topic, pupils have had the opportunity to design and make a model representation of the structure of the Earth. They have been busy using alternative materials to create ‘Earthquake – ready’ homes using marshmellows and dowel.
Autumn 2
Both Indigo Class and Violet Class have been busy enjoying the topic, ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’. They have looked at Celtic knots and designs with a varying level of knots in each. Pupils then used their knowledge of pattern to create their own Celtic knots, adding different patterns and designs, making sure they were fit for purpose and met the original criteria by being aimed at a specific audience.
Spring 1 
Both Indigo Class and Violet Class have been studying ‘The Romans’. It only felt right that they spent some of their DT lessons designing their very own Roman shields. To create the design, pupils had to add pattern and create a design that met the correct target audience, the Romans. Pupils then annotated their designs, pointing out key patterns and design elements on their shields.  
Spring 2 
We have been extremely busy developing our Art skills this half-term, visit our Art and Design page to take a look.