• Mr Ben Davies

    Music Lead

  • Mr Malcolm Hinchliffe

    Music Teacher

To inspire and motivate children, and give the opportunity
for music to play an important role in their personal
and emotional development.

At Heamoor School we feel passionate that children are offered a wide variety of musical opportunities, not just for them to learn a musical instrument, but to be able to express themselves through music.

In EYFS, the children have regular opportunities to explore and experiment with tuned and untuned instruments. As part of early phonics, children use instruments to help distinguish between sounds and explore sounds in their own environment. Through singing songs, children learn about the structure and organisation of music.

We are lucky enough to have Malcolm Hinchliffe, our specialist music teacher sharing his expertise throughout the school.  His passion for music and knowledge of a wide range of instruments allows music to be taught with quality and precision. All our teachers plan music into their curriculum to develop children's progressive skills over the year.  

We see the benefit of music for children's well being, and teachers are encouraged to play music in their classrooms at times throughout the day.  We have a whole school singing assembly once a week which is run by Malcolm.  We are proud that all staff and children share their love of music during this time and it is as an opportunity for children to see the investment of music in our school community.

We have a school choir that is run by Malcolm. Our choir performs for the local community at various events throughout the year.  In December we invite our local senior citizens for a morning of music, tea and a mince pies!

Mr Hinchliffe teaches brass, recorder, keyboard and ukulele across both key stages.  We have our own school band which have regular opportunities to practise and Darren Richards, our guitar teacher, delivers group lessons each Wednesday.  Both the band and the guitarists perform to a wider audience throughout the year with the highlights being our annual Mazey Day and St Piran's Day Parades!

Mr Hinchliffe works closely with Mrs Osborne (SENDCO) to provide a bespoke curriculum for children with EHCPs.  These children receive weekly individual lessons with Malcolm and we see the therapy impact music has on these children.


Charanga is used throughout the school to teach music. 
It is built on the philosophy of music education based on the principle that "it should be fun and engaging for all concerned. Every child is a born musician, and music plays a role in every aspect of our lives – wherever and whoever we are."
First Access To Music
Heamoor School has once again teamed up with Cornwall Music Service Trust to offer funded instrument lessons every week for a term in Year Four.  Our wonderful tutor, Jenny, will be visiting each Monday throughout the Summer term to teach us the ukulele.  
'Songfest' 2023
'Lullaby of the Tides' at the Minack Theatre
St Piran's Day 2024
Chapel Street Concert
Teaching Music And Supporting Special Needs
At Heamoor School, we strive to be inclusive for all learners.  Our subject-specific strategy documents for supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, help guide teachers in methods that are effective in the classroom when delivering music to SEND children.