Anti-bullying Policy

What is Bullying?
Bullying is “..when a person or group deliberately and repeatedly hurts you physically, or hurts your feelings making you feel sad and scared.”  (Heamoor Children)

What is Harassment?
Harassment is when someone is worried or annoyed repeatedly by someone. This could very easily lead on to full-scale bullying if not tackled.

Everyone at Heamoor School has the right to feel welcome, secure and happy. Only if this is the case will all members of the school community be able to achieve to their maximum potential. Bullying of any sort prevents this being able to happen and prevents equality of opportunity. It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent this happening and this policy contains guidelines to support this ethos. Where bullying exists the victims must feel confident to activate the anti-bullying system within the school to end the bullying. This policy outlines how we make this possible at Heamoor School.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy & Code are summarised in our:
- Parent’s Guide to Concerns About Bullying