We are a proud member of Penwith Education Trust (PET).
PET is a co-operative trust made up of a group of local schools including;
Heamoor School,
Humphry Davy School,
Marazion School,
Trythall School
St Levan School
Gwinear School
The An Baya Federation (comprised of St Mary’s School and St Maddern’s School)

The Penwith Education Trust (PET) was formed in April 2012 by ourselves and three other local schools. It is a Co-operative Trust, which was founded on co-operative principles and is committed to the co-operative philosophy.


The aims for the Trust are to:

  • Ensure consistently high expectations and outcomes across all of our schools: amongst learners, teachers, parents and carers;
  • Enable all learners to benefit from high quality teaching and learning;
  • Work effectively with parents and carers, professionals and the wider community to promote health and well-being, in order to create the right conditions for learners to thrive;
  • Make efficient use of all resources available to us and thereby maximize the benefits for learners;
  • Work with external partners including other Schools to widen the range of collaborative opportunities available to our workforce and our young people;
  • Improve social cohesion within our community by strengthening our commitment to co-operative values, including respect, social justice, fairness and democracy.
PET provides the foundation for its full member schools, which means it holds the land and buildings for the schools on trust.  This is not so for the An Baya Federation, which is a partner school to the Trust.  PET is not an academy, and each school’s governing body remains the employer of the staff in their respective school, and retains full responsibility for budget setting and managing and delivering the curriculum.  PET provides a regular platform for the sharing of best practise and effective resource management by working as a group for the benefit of all in its wider school community.

For further information on the PET, please contact our Company Secretary, Charlotte Overton, on: