• Miss Jo Shields

    Geography Lead

Geography at Heamoor
Geography gives us an understanding of the world we live in and the historical and modern interdependency of physical and human interactions.  The intent of Geography at Heamoor is to give the children the knowledge of geographical features, both natural and man-made, the effect mankind has on the planet and the diversity of life as well as the similarities of humanity across the globe.  With their geographical knowledge, the children will build their skills to discover, record, analyse, interpret and express this data to understand their place on the planet and their role as global citizens.
Impact of the Geographical Knowledge and Skills
Through studying the world, the children will gain an appreciation of the impact the physical aspects of a landscape, including marine as well as terrestrial features, have on humanity and, in turn, how mankind alters its surroundings.  They will use the skills gained through fieldwork to explore their immediate surroundings as well as using a range of online tools to discover the wider world!  We want the skills and knowledge gained within this important subject to show the children the complexity and brilliance of the natural world and to help them understand their role in society to care for the planet and its inhabitants - to become a citizen of Heamoor, Penzance, Cornwall, England, Great Britain, Europe, The World.
Curriculum Planning and Progression of Skills
The Geography curriculum content and skills will be taught through Project lessons over a two-year plan: A and B.
In Class and Outdoor Learning
Home Learning
For specific information about our Eco-School journey, please see the Eco-School page of this website!