• Mrs Zoe Trenerry

    Geography Lead


Geography at Heamoor School 




Here at Heamoor, we believe our children are the future. Therefore, we want a Geography curriculum that is designed to provide all children with an opportunity to not only build on their real life experiences of the world around them, but to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the world, as well as their place in it and the important role they have as global citizens.


Within the Geography curriculum, fieldwork trips enable our children to ask questions, develop critical thinking skills and understand more complex concepts as the curriculum progresses from KS1 to KS2. By providing rich, hands on experiences we hope our children will use these connections in the wider world and develop a sense of wonder about the world we live in, not just locally, but nationally and internationally too.


The curriculum encourages our children to expand their geographical vocabulary, gain knowledge on the changing world we live in and develop consideration and care for the environment all while building on their knowledge of geographical features, both natural and man-made. As our children continue on their journey of Geography, the children will build their skills to discover, record, analyse, interpret and express data, using their voice to confidently debate topics that they feel passionately about. Our aim is that our children go on to apply these skills across all subjects, as well as in their futures beyond Heamoor School.




At Heamoor School, Geography is taught as part of our two-year curriculum cycle to ensure that the Geography Curriculum links to relevant whole school topics so that learning is meaningful with strong links to the whole school topic theme. At the beginning of each term, children are able to demonstrate what they already know through KWL grids in lower KS1 and EYFS and through topic related cold task quizzes in upper KS1 and KS2. This ensures that lessons are relevant and take account of children’s different starting points as well as allowing teachers to monitor progress.


Children use topic books to record learning in KS1 and KS2 and floor books in EYFS. We encourage writing in Geography as an opportunity for children to showcase what they have learned and embed their knowledge. Maps are displayed throughout each class and teachers are encouraged to reference these when appropriate during all lessons to help develop an awareness of the globe and wider world.


Teachers use questioning, and provide opportunities for discussion and investigation to support the development of vocabulary, which is available to pupils throughout the lesson and taught and modelled by teachers during lessons. Learning is supported through trips to inspire children and widen their cultural experiences, as well as making their learning more hands-on and memorable.


Children record their outcomes in topic books, across KS1 and KS2 which evidence a broad and balanced Geography curriculum. Through studying Geography at Heamoor School, children will be able to confidently discuss their learning and understanding using their subject specific vocabulary gained across both key stages. Children will use their whole class maps as a visual aid in supporting their understanding of the wider world around them and be confident to share their geographical knowledge and understanding across all areas of the subject.


At the end of each term, children have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through hot task quizzes. At the end of KS2, we hope our children will adopt a positive role within the local community and to care for our planet and its inhabitants. The above will be evident in book looks, photo evidence of field trips, child led discussions, and questioning and debate during lessons.

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