We LOVE Science at Heamoor!
On this page you will find our Vision for Science based on feedback we gathered from pupils, parents, teaching staff and governors.  There is a copy of our core documents we use to help the children learn this amazing subject!
We have 3 Science Weeks EVERY year.
This year the dates are:
w/b 30th October - Chemistry
w/b 25th February - Physics
w/b 3rd June - Biology (excluding Yr 1)
(This year, the Year 1's Biology Week will be on the w/b 10th June)
You will also find a Homework Grid with a range of cross-curricular activities for all ages - please complete as many of these as you like with your children and bring in their work/photos for us to share!
If you have any questions/queries about Science at Heamoor, please ask Miss Shields!

Wow!  What a week we had learning about lots of different areas of Physics!  Here is a small snapshot of what we were doing in Science Week!

Orange Class spent their week learning how to work scientifically. We took part in many experiments which involved the children thinking carefully about to plan and run experiments safely and independently. We grew cress in different conditions and made volcanoes using baking soda, food colouring and vinegar. We made a rainbow with skittles, cleaned coins and many more!
Yellow Class enjoyed focusing on working scientifically, performing tests, making predictions and reflecting on what happened. We were able to spend a whole morning exploring our school woodland, making potions and building our own bird feeders and bug hotels. We have made slime and observed a range of fun tests closely using scientific vocabulary.
Green Class focused on magnets and light including recognising we need light in order to see things and the difference in our pupil dilation in certain lights. We explored reflection and the difference between the amount of light opaque, translucent and transparent materials allow to come through. We looked at UV lights from the sun and ways we can protect ourselves from this harmful form of light and completed lots of experiments using magnets!
Blue Class looked at circuits at the start of the week. We identified the different components and learned how each one worked. We independently completed experiments and tested materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. The second half of Physics Week, we looked at sound. We explored the link between vibrations and pitch, making observations and showing our understanding in a range of ways!
Indigo Class found out how objects move through the air and investigated the effects of different forces such as gravity and air resistance. They made rockets and parachutes, testing them to see what makes them successful (or not!)
During the Physics Science Week, Violet class investigated light and shadow. They found out about how light travels in straight lines and how it can be reflected. We also looked at how our eyes see objects and that our brains are very clever at seeing things upside down! The class investigated how to make shadows change shape, size and definition and discovered the rainbow of colour in light, by using prisms. Some groups even created amazing rainbow-coloured shadows!
Phew! What an amazing week! The children really enjoyed it and are already looking forward to Biology Week in the Summer Term!
Congratulations to our Super Scientist award winners – you showed exceptional scientific skills in the week and should be really proud of yourselves!
Homework Grid
Here is our Homework grid - have fun completing some of the activities and remember to bring in photos/finished work so we can celebrate awesome Science!