PE Lead-Mr Scott Markham

The PE curriculum at Heamoor School allows all children to participate and achieve in PE. Key skills in agility, balance and coordination will be taught through gymnastics lessons. Children will take part in a variety of games to develop their teamwork and leadership skills, where they will learn the value of fair play and are encouraged to support each other. Children will be active in a range of different environments including the school hall, playground, field and outdoor classroom. Activities will include invasion style games, swimming, dance and gymnastics. Children will have the opportunity to take part in physical activity during PE lessons, games and equipment available at break and lunchtimes and a variety of after school clubs open to all children across all key stages. 

The PE curriculum helps to improve the well being of children within the school and allows them to succeed and achieve their personal bests in PE. The curriculum builds the foundations for positive behaviour which children will use throughout their lives in PE and beyond. Our PE curriculum hopes to motivate children to live healthy and happy lives.

Curriculum Intent

At Heamoor School, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment which inspires all children to take part in PE. Through developing the physical, social, personal and cognitive skills of children they can become more creative and interested in health and fitness. By building and supporting these key areas we hope pupils will develop a positive relationship with PE which will last for life.


Progression of Skills
At Heamoor School we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunities to be fit, healthy and active. Our offer includes a high quality PE curriculum, fun after school clubs, playleaders and active breaktimes as well as lots of sporting opportunities across Penwith and Cornwall. Here is the current action plan that will help improve our offer even further.
PE 'in action'
At Heamoor School we believe that all our children should be given the opportunity to compete in a safe, friendly and fun environment. Here are some of sporting activities from 2023/24
This year we decided that it would be a super idea to support Children in Need by taking on and smashing the 'Bearpee Challenge' AS a school we managed to complete over 10, 000 bearpees. We also managed to raise a whopping £1310.60 in the process. 
Sporting Role Models
We have sporting 'heroes' among our staff. Here are some of them championing different sporting pursuits. 
An 'Olympic' connection
Olympic gold medalist, Helen Glover, is an ex-Heamoor pupil. She visited our school to meet with the children and to talk to them about her experiences of PE at school and her journey to becoming a professional athlete. Such an inspiration for our children.
What do our pupils think?
"I like exercising because it's fun and makes you feel fit."
"I like running because my heart feels good."
"I love swimming because before I started swimming I couldn't swim."
"I like PE because we get to do really fun games."
"I love tennis because it is a fun game and helps me to stay fit and healthy."
"I like Sports Day. Exercise and games are the best!"
"My favourite thing about PE is the teamwork and giving people a chance."
The 'Local' Connection
We have built links with local organisations to make the most of sporting opportunities in our locality.
The team at Global Boarders provide surfing sessions in the autumn and summer terms for our Year 5 and 6 children. This is an opportunity to get to our local beaches, learn a new skill and have lots of fun.
The 'Chance to Shine' initiative promotes the values of cricket. The children learn a new skill or are given the chance to improve using the expertise of coaches from local cricket clubs.
We have close links with Penzance tennis club who come in to school on a regular basis to provide 'taster' sessions for the children. We have a number of children who have joined the club as a direct result of their involvement.
Coaches from the Cornish Pirates rugby club work alongside the children in Year 6 each summer term to give them a taste of what playing in a rugby squad feels like. This culminates in a rugby festival involving other local schools.