Class Dojo

At our school we use 'Class Dojo'. The system is an online communication app which connects parents, children and teachers. it is a secure way  for class teachers to share messages, videos and photos with parents in their class.
We also use it as one of our reward systems as a way to celebrate the children's amazing behaviour. The children create their own individual monster avatar which is displayed on screen in class along with their points total. Points can be given to individuals or groups of children.
Dojo Points
We award 'dojo' points to children for demonstrating any of our school values,  5R learning behaviours and also for following their classroom rules.
Connecting parents
To support parent engagement the system also allows us to share wonderful classroom moments through the class 'feed' this can include photos, videos, and 'live' updates from teachers and also includes when their child earns the sought after 'dojo' point.