Golowan - Mazey Day

Golowan Festival -:- Mazey Day

Golowan is a local festival celebrating midsummer with its origins dating back to the Feast of St John on the 19th century. Golowan has developed over the years to revive many old traditions with the Golowan Band, Quay Fair, Mock Mayor election, banners and giant willow structures on parade. Handmade banners, greenery and flags adorn the town throughout the festival.

In the week leading up to Mazey Day each year  there is an election of the Mock Mayor of the Quay and, on Mazey Eve, a spectacular fireworks display with the appearance of Penglaz, Penzance’s ‘Obby ‘Oss, accompanied by the Golowan Band.

Mazey Day, launched each year by the Mayor of Penzance and the Mock Mayor of the Quay, is the centrepiece of the festival, in which artists, schools and other community groups fill the streets with music and giant sculptures in a series of parades. Tens of thousands of people line the main street of Penzance, Market Jew Street, which becomes a huge market place for the day, with traders selling all manner of goods as well as food from all around the world to delight the taste buds.

We are proud as a school to take part in and support this local tradition with our families and children and it is one of the highlights of our school year.