• Mrs Rebecca Stevenson

    History Lead

History at Heamoor School

Here at Heamoor School, History is planned through our half termly projects. This provides children with many fun, practical opportunities to engage with the history of key events and timescales both within and before living memory.


At Heamoor School, we believe that it is important for children to be fully immersed in their learning, taking ownership and pride of their school experience. Our children love to find out about the history of the world through exploration, research and role play.


Our Class Teachers plan each history lesson individually, creating our own, bespoke, quality teaching resources for each area of learning.


On this page you will find all relevant documents to support the subject, photographs of what the children have been up to across the school and any other useful materials. Please refer to the ‘Heamoor School Curriculum Overview’ for more details of what projects are taught and when.

We loved our Spring Term Project -The Vikings - Raiders or Traders!

We have loved finding out about the Vikings during this project. Each year group has explored different areas of Viking history and our children are confident in their understanding of what life was like back then, as well as the impact that the Vikings have had on modern life.
Watch this short video clip to find out what we have learnt! 
Autumn Term - welcome back!
We are so happy to welcome our lovely children back to school after the summer holidays. By now, our children will have started their new project 'Our World' which focuses on the geographical wonders of our world, our locality and our school. Although this project is geography based, there will be historical elements that I will be sharing throughout the project, so keep a close eye on the history page! 
Stone Age to Iron Age 
We have *just* began our new project focusing on the Stone Age to Iron Age - how exciting!
Keep an eye out on this page for updates each week (beginning 22.11.21). 
Key Stage 1 Viking Day
Key Stage 2 - The Vikings! 
History in the Early Years
Red Class have been finding out about the history of their own lives.
They have recently created 'Timelines of ourselves' beginning to develop their awareness of chronology. 
Year 5 Viking Battle! 
Year 5 loved learning about battle techniques used by the Vikings. We used research to find out about the three rivals for the English throne. We then came up with strategies for winning the throne. We were able to plot key events onto a timeline and showed great confidence in understanding how William the Conqueror became the king of England. We were able to present findings to the class in groups and designed and made Viking inspired shields to use during our battle. 
Home Learning