• Mrs Joanne Bradbury

    Phonics Lead

Phonics at Heamoor School - Read, Write, Inc

Read Write Inc

Heamoor School graduated from the English Hub in July 2022 with 91% of children passing the phonics screening test in June 2022.


Read Write Inc. Phonics is a comprehensive programme for children learning to read.  It is designed to create fluent, enthusiastic readers who have a deep comprehension of texts, and to produce confident speakers and keen writers.  The Read Write Inc. programme meets the higher expectation of the new curriculum and uses effective assessment to accelerate every child’s progress.

In EYFS the children will be taught a sound a day during the Speed sounds lessons.  These Speed sounds lessons follow a careful progression, with sounds being introduced sequentially in a structured and systematic way.  When they have reached an appropriate level children will be grouped according to their reading level by the Read Write Inc. Manager and will be taught reading and writing alongside learning the new sounds.  This phonic knowledge is applied in the storybooks sessions, where children start reading simple sentences in the red ditty books and then read fiction and non-fiction books carefully matched to their growing phonic knowledge from Green level onwards.

They decode words using phonic knowledge but they also learn Red words (common irregular words which defy decoding).  Children are encouraged to talk about stories that they have heard or read, and to expand their vocabulary along with their ideas.

In Key Stage 1 this highly prescriptive programme is followed rigorously to ensure all children continue to achieve their full potential.  As they move up the levels, more unusual correspondences that they need to learn are pointed out to the children as alternatives shown on the Complex Speeds Sound chart e.g. ph is not taught using a sound card but as an alternative to the more common spelling “f.”  These have a special focus throughout the programme to ensure children learn to read and spell them with confidence.

Prefixes and suffixes are also discussed in the storybook activities for each book as well as the usual grammar features, such as capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks etc.

The teaching sequence throughout Read Write Inc. involves listening and responding to both the teacher and partners.  The TTYP (Turn To Your Partner) and MTYT (My Turn Your Turn) signals are embedded from the start of the programme, so that frequent, structured discussion flows naturally through every unit and children become used to working in paired, group and whole class oral work.  Listening carefully to texts and rehearsing orally what they want to write all help build the children’s vocabulary.


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