Pupil Roles & Responsibilities

Our School Community

In Violet and Indigo Classes there are lots of jobs and responsibilities we halp with in our school. We love being a big part of the wider school community. This part of the website tells you all about our jobs.

Assembly Monitors

At Heamoor School we have assembly monitors who go through to the hall every morning to help get the hall set up for the assembly.

Library Monitors

The Library is a good place to read books, relax, and borrow books. That’s why it’s important that we keep it tidy. The books are separated into fictional, non-fictional and books for infants! There are loads of books so it is very hard to do our job. Our job is to keep our section of the library tidy. We each have one or two sections to tidy on different days of the week.

Reception Duty

We are the reception team and our job is to help the office. We answer the phone calls at lunch times. We also help sort out the letters for each class, then we drop of the letters off to the classes.   

Team Leaders and Team Points

A Team Leader is a chosen from Violet Class.  The teachers choose children for them to make certificates for if they have achieved something special that week. We celebrate it in a Friday celebration assembly.

Team points are what you get when you do something well.  Two children from year 6 go around the school counting  up the points in each team every Thursday afternoon.  During Friday's Celebration Assembly they go up and write the scores on the team point board.

Playground Buddies

What are Buddies?

Buddies are children that help other children with their feelings and troubles and to sort out their problems with friendship. We are there to be a friend to anyone who needs one.
As buddies we are on the playground/ field at lunch and break. We have a bad feeling whenever we see people being left out or ignored because nobody wants to feel bad about themselves so we try our best to make people feel happy and good about themselves.
We go out every playtime and lunch time to make shore we turn peoples frowns up side down and give people a BOOST.
Sports Leaders

We are sports leaders, our role is to bring out sports equipment and play games with the infants and make their lunch times more fun. We have been on sports leader training and learnt new ways to make the children at Heamoor more active at their playtimes.

Mrs Jones has been helping and supporting us since the beginning, she has also been the one who takes us to all of our training days. We are on the playground everyday. We enjoy helping and having fun with the infants. In total there are 7 sports leaders 3 year 6s and 4 year 5s.Year 6s have been doing this for 2 years and the year 5s have been doing it for 1 year. We love doing our job and we think it makes a big difference at Heamoor School.