Welcome to our Governor Section

This is where you can find information about our Governing Body and the roles they have within our school. 

Heamoor is currently governed by an Interim Executive Board (IEB) following support and intervention from the local authority which has replaced our previous Governing Body. 

The purpose of the new Board, which is supported by the Department for Education and the local authority, is to have oversight of and to support the management of the school to continue to drive forward the school's ongoing improvement.

The IEB consists of a small group of very experienced people who have worked in and with a wide range of schools and their communities (please see the'Our Governors' page for more information). 

We were very excited to welcome our new board members in to our school and are enjoying working with them as a staff to ensure that our children continue to receive the highest possible standard of education at Heamoor School. 

To contact the Chair of the Interim Executive Board, please write to the school at the address in the 'Contact Us' section on this site. 

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