Science Week - Sound wb 22.02.2021

The KWL grid below is for your child to complete on Monday (BEFORE they do any of the activities) and then again on Friday. 
The 3 columns are to show: what they already KNOW; what they WANT to find out about and what they have LEARNT.
This is what we would do in school, to keep a record of what your child has learnt about the topic throughout the course of the week.  Your child should be familiar with using it, but please reassure them that it's absolutely fine if they have nothing, or very little, in the first column, that means they've got lots of new learning coming up this week! 
(NOTE: It doesn't need to be printed, you could just draw the same grid on to a blank piece of paper.) 
These two documents below are what we would use when doing Science lessons in school. 
1) Before completing any of the experiments/sound investigations, ask your child to try to work out which of the 5 types of enquiry they think they might be using.  This will help them to understand the sort of investigation they are doing and also help them to form their 'investigation question' or hypothesis (ie What are they trying to find out?; What is the purpose for the activity?)
2) The 'Working Scientifically' sheet has ideas for questions to ask your child as they go through their investigations.  These could be split into 2 sections, with Q1 - 4 being used before they start and when planning their investigation and Q5 - 9 being used after they have completed the investigation. 
These are only suggestions for prompts to use as a starting point, you will probably use others as your child goes through the activities.   

Please also complete the Big Maths 'Beat That' quizzes online on WEDNESDAY 24th February (see link below).

Purple Mash Spelling List 

Please also complete the Spelling Quiz for Spring Term 2 Week 1 on Purple Mash on Friday 26th February.