Home Learning Week 6 wb 08.01.2021

Home Learning Week 6 w/b 8th February 2021

The weekly plan (see first pdf below this message) is here for you if you like a bit more structure to each day. 

All of the resources and weblinks for each of the activities on this plan are saved on this page for you.  Just scroll down the page to find the relevant curriculum section and the resources/lesson activities and are all there for you! :)

Have a great week! 

Wednesday 10th February - Fractions update!
For those that have been super confident with fractions so far this week, I have added in these resources (looking at equivalent fractions) as something a bit more challenging for the children to try on Wednesday instead (see below). There are two levels to work through, depending on how confident they feel and how brave they are with having a go! :)
I've also included the 'teaching slides' in case they need some help with completing these questions.  I will go over some of this during tomorrow's live session as well.
Any questions, please just ask!

Please also complete the Big Maths 'Beat That' quizzes online on WEDNESDAY 10th February (see link below).

Monday 8th February - There, their and they're homophones 
Have a look through these resources first before completing today's SPAG activity.  These will give you examples of when to use the different types of there/their/they're and explain how to spot which to use.
The BBC Bitesize weblink also gives different examples, has a short cartoon clip to explain these homophones and there's a quiz on there too, for extra practice.
Once you've had a look through the examples and introduction and you are feeling more confident, have a go at completing these sentences on the activity sheet below.
Fill in the blanks with the correct there/their/they're.
(Use the 'top tips' to help you remember!)

Purple Mash Spelling List 

This week is consolidation week for Purple Mash spellings.  There are 4 quizzes on Purple Mash in the 2Do sections, which can be done one per day to recap the spellings for this half term. 

Also, there is a list attached below for you to use with your child.  You could either choose to do some per day, or just use the ones you know your child has found tricky over the last few weeks.