Below are some fantastic resources, which will support the pupils writing, some will have a spelling and grammar focus, as well.
We will also update with resources which the children have been completing in school, so that those at home receive the information and access to the same learning activities.   
Choose the best missing preposition word to complete each sentence.
Extension: Write each sentence out neatly in your green writing book or on lined paper.
Think about how the characters are feeling and what they might say to each other.
Write the direct speech into the speech-bubbles (can be printed and written on, or edited with text on the computer.) 
FRIDAY'S  GRAMMAR & WRITING - A messy bedroom!
Read the story and find all preposition words/phrases in the text.
Draw a picture of your own room and use as many of the preposition words as possible to describe the position of things.
Tip:  Preposition = think position
Below is the link for a fantastic website called Pobble365.
Pobble365 provides an image of the day for pupils (and adults) to look at and discuss. There are also an assortment of activities with each image, including Story Starter, Sentence Challenge, Sick Sentence and Picture Perfect. It is easy to flick back and see older photos, if the photo of the day doesn't spark the pupil's imagination. 
When the pupils complete the activities, please get them to use the Home Learning Books, as we would love to see the activities which they complete. 
Below are some fantastic resources to help with grammar! They are from Plazoom! 
Below is a link for First News - news for young people. They are making their digital editions free for a limited time! Great to use for inspiration for writing!