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WC 13th July


 ** WC 13th July - Videos this week will be uploaded on Tuesday and Thursday. These will be the last videos this academic year.


On this page you will find resources to support the 'Read it' section on the 'Home Learning Grid'.

- Daily reading and writing challenges for every child can be found by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the link, 'Sentences'

-New videos, please watch one per day to support the sound we are recapping - please encourage your child to join in where possible. 


When supporting your child, please ensure that they are using their phonics knowledge in both their reading and writing. 


Every day we practice our phonics in school because this supports your child with their speaking, reading and writing.The main focus in EYFS is that children can read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. 


Phonics - These are the sounds that we use in our reading and writing everyday.

Digraphs - These are two letters that sit together to make one sound.

For example: The letter c and the letter h can sit together (because they are special friends) and when they sit  together they become 'ch' for chin, chop, chip. 


How can I support my child?


Listen to your child read everyday - Listen to your children read every day using the sentences below for the week you are on. 

Read to your child daily - Children retain so much information and langauge from being read to. In class we read several stories a day. Extend your child's understanding by stopping half way through a story. Can they tell you what the story is about and can they predict what might happen next. At the end of the story, ask your child the following: Who were the characters? Where was the story set? What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story? Who was your favourite character and why? Did you like the story, if so why? 

Look at the tricky words - Read and say the tricky words  of the week every day. 

Please use the sound mat below to support your child with recognising sounds and using them in their writing. 

Below are sound and matching rhymes to support you with your child's phonics as well as a video of the pronunciation of each letter. 

Tricky Words 

‘Tricky’ words are words that we have to know from sight, rather than sounding out. Phase 2 tricky words are words we have been practising since September. Phase 3 tricky words have been part of our curriculum since January so the children are still developing their understanding of these. 

Your child should be able to read the word, write the word and know what letters make up the word. 

Make it as fun as possible. In class we use actions to help us to read the words and we think of fun ways to remember the spelling. Ask them to show you how to spell the word 'the' for an example of how you can make it fun to help them retain the tricky word they are learning. 

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