Home Learning Week 8 wb 1st March 2021

Home Learning Week 8 w/b 1st March 2021

The weekly plan (see first pdf below this message) is here for you if you like a bit more structure to each day. 

All of the resources and weblinks for each of the activities on this plan are saved on this page for you.  Just scroll down the page to find the relevant curriculum section and the resources/lesson activities and are all there for you! 

Have a great week - last week of home learning!! :)

Please also complete the Big Maths 'Beat That' quizzes online on WEDNESDAY 3rd March (see link below).

Purple Mash Spelling List 

Please also complete the Spelling Quiz for Spring 2, Week 2 on Purple Mash on Friday 5th March. 


Matilda and Theo story (see pdf link below), to read for Tuesday's and Wednesday's reading activities (pages 1 - 5 for Tuesday and 6 - 9 for Wednesday).