Science Week - Biology wb 12/07/2021

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Food chains resources and information
Here is the introduction information about food chains.  We looked at some of this in school this morning, so the children should now be familiar with some of the technical words.
There are lots of things to stop and think about along the way, to develop understanding of food chains, how they work and what happens if something changes in the environment.  
It will be worth researching some simple food chains before having a go at the collage task, so that you know which animals/plants feature in each food chain, before deciding which one you'd like to use for your collage.  (If you get stuck with finding information about food chains, please just ask Miss Williams, she has lots of examples if you need them. :) 
Remember to send through photos of your food chain collages, can't wait to see them!
Also added in some links to interesting videos about food chains, have a look, see what you think! 
Classification key resources and information
Here is an introduction PowerPoint about today's focus - classification keys.  It includes information about what classification keys are, how and why they are used and the sort of questions that are asked on them.
There are lots of mini activities on here for you to think about and chat about with someone at home. 
Have a read through the information first and then have a go at the classification activity for today - designing and testing out your own classification key to identify animals.  Think really carefully about the questions you ask at each level and then ask someone else at home to try it out to make sure it works!
There are 2 tasks for today: 
1) Designing your own classification key
2) (Optional, depending on space) If you have any outside space at your house, you could go on an Invertebrate Hunt.  
Activity 1 instructions - Design your own classification key
You could also use the animal picture sheet to get you started with which animals you might like to include to sort into categories on your classification key.
Activity 2 instructions and resources- Invertebrate Hunt
Here are the instructions for the optional activity (only if you have any outside space at home, could just be a very small space, you might be surprised what you find!)
There are also word mats and identification charts to help you work out what you find.
Adaptations resources and information
Here is an introduction PowerPoint about today's focus - adaptations.  It includes information about how and why animals are adapted to suit their habitats.
There are lots of questions on here today for you to think about and chat about with someone at home, this will help develop your ideas for today's task. 
Have a read through the information first and then have a go at the adaptation activity for today - creating your own habitat specialist.
I've also attached some extra information about the ways animals are physically and behaviourally adapted to suit their environment.  You might want to include some of these features in your own habitat specialist.  Remember to use as many of the technical vocabulary words as possible in your descriptions.
Look forward to seeing these new, Blue Class-discovered species! 
Watch  these  videos  about  the  balance  of  nature  in  the  UK.  Rewilding The UK
Top mammals for rewilding UK
Using Goats to manage a forest
Task 1
After watching a video, write a brief report about how one of the strategies for managing nature is designed to work.
You could write it in the style of a flow diagram that shows how each thing affects the next, and how this will change nature for the better.
Drawing Animals
Below are some links to some drawing tutorial videos.
Have a go at drawing them yourself.  These are a few of the animals that can be used as part of a sustainable approach to managing the land, rather than damaging methods like burning or use of herbicides.
Fun Maths
Here  is  a  mental  maths  sheet  with  addition  and  subtraction.
Of  course,  you  can  write  down  your  workings  to  help  you!