Week 8

This is our last week of Home Learning!  Thank you all for your hard work during this time.
This week, we will continue to have a Google Classroom meeting each day at 09:45 am.
We will continue our novel study on Tom's Midnight Garden, Big Maths and finish each session with the question - what are you most proud of during lockdown and what are you looking forward to when we return to school?  There will also be a chance to praise each other at the end of each session!
On Thursday, we will be celebrating all things Reading because it is World Book Day. 
Please attend the online session in your PJs!  There are lots of fantastic ideas for World Book Day including competitions and there are also additional resources on the website to celebrate our love of reading at Heamoor School!
Finally, Friday will bring our regular three challenges on Big Maths (PLEASE ENSURE THESE ARE COMPLETED ON FRIDAY AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR LEARNING THROUGH THE WEEK!) as well as two presentations followed by a discussion!
I am looking forward to seeing you all again in class - keep up the amazing effort this week!
Thursday is World Book Day!
Please find information about the exciting things we are doing on the day - we are collapsing everything to focus on the fantastic subject of reading!  Miss Cocks has put together a fantastic 'menu' for the day and I am looking forward to seeing your photos of World Book Day activities.
To show how much Reading means to Violet Class and Miss Shields. activities to do with Reading are worth lots on your Bingo this week!
The values are as follows:
Reading a page of your book = 5 points per day
Reading a poem a day = 5 points per day
Quizzing your book and scoring over 80% = 10 whopping points!
Reading comprehensions on website = 5 points each
Tom's Midnight Garden Google Classroom = 5 points for each piece submitted
SATs booklet scores too - 1 point per page completed in your Purple English book.
IN ADDITION TO THIS, for each activity completed from the menu in which you send a photo to Miss Shields, you will receive a stupendous 10 points! 
AMAZING!  Reading really is a fantastic activity and will be richly rewarded with LOTS of bingo points for all you awesome readaholics in Violet Class!
This week, our Grammar focus is expanded noun phrases!
There is a video to watch on Google Classroom and several sheets below.  Expanded noun phrases are a great way to make writing MUCH more interesting!
To help prepare you for our return to school, recap ALL the spellings so far this term!  You can find them in the previous weeks on the website!  There will also be a Purple Mash ToDo on spellings too.
Last week, our focus on writing was using Scientific vocabulary and clear explanation of understanding.  This week, we return to a picture to inspire you in ANY type of writing you would like to complete.  Try to push yourself this week and write a range of pieces including poetry, stories or non-fiction!
Maths will be on Google Classroom, in your SATs revision guide and TTRS this week.
Bingo scores this week:
Big Maths turned in each day = 1 point
Big Maths challenges on FRIDAY = 3 points
Learn Its challenge turned in = 1 point
TTRS ten Garage challenge = 10 points 
SATs revision guide = 1 point per page completed in your Maths book
This Week's Grid
Please find this week's grid below.  Have fun!
Additional Resources and Links
Please find below links to even more resources for the week.  Enjoy!