Week 6

This is the last week of this half term!  I am so pleased so many of you have been able to log on to Google Classroom and complete the Reading Comprehension and Big Maths on there!
If you haven't been on any of the meetings, the work is still accessible so please do log on and Turn in the tasks set.  If you have any problems, let me know!
This week our Google Classroom meetings will remain at the time of 09:45 am - see you there!
Keep tallying up those Bingo points for all your hard work this week!
Reading AR book = 1 point per day
Poem a day = 1 point per day
Quiz AR book and get over 80% = 2 points
Reading Comprehension on Google Classroom = 1 point per day
Reading activities from the grid = 1 point per activity
This week our Grammar focus is correcting our errors!  You will find below several worksheets based on editing in a range of skills we have looked at previously.  Because editing is such a vital element of your writing and because I am challenging you in a range of areas, there are three points available for each worksheet completed!  Good luck! 
Make a poster based on the phrase - Mistakes are proof that you are trying!
This is so true - even though we might not like making errors, it means we are trying to complete something which is tricky for us.  By stretching ourselves, we can learn and continue to grow.  If we only ever did the things that were 'easy' for us, we'd never innovate, imagine and change the world!  You can only be better, if you try (and make a few mistakse along the way!)
Try proof-reading sentences and correcting the direct speech - good luck!
There are three sheets to this one:
missing words
misspelled words (and homophones)
missing apostrophes (for both contractions and possession) 
Take your time with these - they are tricky!
These sentences have lots of errors - can you correct them?
Good editing isn't JUST about whether they make sense - it is also about making your writing more interesting!  Can you rewrite the sentences above with exciting vocabulary, fronted adverbials and expanded noun clauses?
For example: The dog growled it was very scary
could be The dog growled - it was very scary.
BUT it could ALSO be
Growling ferociously, with teeth as sharp as razor blades, the enormous dog stalked towards me - it was absolutely terrifying!
Class spellings will be on Purple Mash,  Group 1 is below.  
Group 2 as follows:
Monday = environment
Tuesday = Tuesday
Wednesday = forty
Thursday = according
Friday = symbol
For each spelling session - 1 point per day
Please keep sending your stories, poems and non-fictions texts to me - I love reading the variety and quality of your writing!
We have learned a huge amount about shape last week - this week will be putting our knowledge to the test!  I'd like you to create Wanted posters just like our infamous triangles!  
On each poster you will need:
Their crime (e.g. shape-rustling!)
Reward in pounds £
The name of your shape (with a villainous addition like Sinister Square)
The features to help you identify the shape
Four straight lines
Eight lines of symmetry 
Two pairs of parallel sides
Internal angles - only right angles
Try to include AS MANY features as possible and send pictures of the finished posters to Miss Shields for the Rogue's Gallery!
Our Big Maths on Google Classroom will continue to work on our CLIC learning gaps.  
This Week's Grid
This week, our grid has a mostly animal theme!  There is lots to read, write, create and do so hopefully you will have lots of fun with this!  I love to see your amazing work so please keep sending the pictures on the Portfolio page of the Dojo website!
Additional Resources and Links
There are lots of additional activities including those on the BBC and Twinkl activities based on them, Joe Wicks, a fun booklet from the Wave project and more!  Enjoy!
Read about Xavi and his efforts to save the animals he loves!
Tuesday is Safer Internet Day - please find fun activities below (remember, there is a Bingo point available for any extra you complete on the website!)
Well done for all your efforts in the School Games!