Week 5

This week (and going forward) our Google Classroom Meetings will begin at 09:45 am EVERY DAY. 
Please log on five minutes prior to this to complete the How Do You Feel Today question and enter the meeting to begin at 09:45 am.
This will hopefully help with clashes of timetable and shared devices!  If you cannot attend a meeting for any reason, please let Miss Shields know via Dojo.
The attendance at the meetings has been excellent - just to remind all parents and children that after the meeting, the expectation of work to be 'Turned in' is:
Reading Comprehension completed on Google Docs and turned in Mon - Thurs
Big Maths completed on paper with the task turned in and a result written in the comments box on Google Classroom Mon - Thurs
On Friday, the children will test their learning for the week on the Big Maths website by completing all three challenges.  
If you are having any difficulties, please let Miss Shields know.
Reading comprehension will be completed on Google Classroom Mon - Thurs.  Please continue to read your AR book daily and quiz when you are ready to.  
Reading comprehension - 1 Bingo point per day
Reading AR book - 1 Bingo point per day
Quizzing your AR book and getting over 80% - 2 Bingo points
Reading a poem a day - 1 Bingo point per day
SATs revision - 1 Bingo point per session
This week, our Grammar focus will be antonyms and synonyms.  Please watch the video below and then create your own wordsearches based on a key word as the title e.g. Happy and then a grid of either synonyms or antonyms.  Keep all the letters in the grid uppercase, please (in capital letters).  Miss Shields has created an antonym wordsearch for the word 'angry' for you to complete too!  Have fun!
Spellings for the class will be a To Do on Purple Mash.  Group 1, please find your spellings below.
Group 2:
Monday: identity
Tuesday: especially
Wednesday: occur
Thursday: rhyme
Friday: category
Remember - the image is meant to inspire you.  You could look at the ice cream and think about writing:
a story like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
a set of instructions how to make an ice cream
a poster for a new flavour ice cream
a poem based on a superhero who eats ice cream and can shoot ice from his hands
a recipe for the perfect flavoured ice cream
a letter from the inventor of ice cream Dr Van IceCreamer explaining his new invention
a diary extract from the point of view of an iceberg
a descriptive paragraph using similes and metaphors to try to explain the flavour of ice cream you love
e.g. melting on my tongue like pools of molten gold, the former solid, now liquid flows across my tongue like a river of flavour...
Take the inspiration and write something fun, creative and different from what you normally do!    
This week will be a mix of Big Maths and Purple Mash based on covering the areas the children find tricky in CLIC and all about shape for the SAFE aspect of Big Maths.
Everything you need should be on Google Classroom!
Revision sessions = 1 Bingo point
Big Maths sheet = 1 point each
Purple Maths shape based activities = 1 point each
TTRS challenge = 10 points if you reach the challenge!
This Week's Grid
Due to the increased workload of Big Maths and Reading Comprehension on Google Classroom, there are twelve activities rather than sixteen on the grid this week - it will still provide you with plenty additional reading, writing and creative activities within a range of subjects!  Any additional resources referred to on the grid will be placed here on the website too to make it as easy as possible to find!
Additional Resources and Links
Just in case you have some spare time to complete a little more learning, please find links to a range of activities you could enjoy this week!
Did you draw Medusa last week on Purple Mash?  Can you paint/make from clay/create a piece of art based on Medusa this week?  Miss Shields would LOVE to see your finished creations!