Week 4

This week, we will begin our Google Classroom lessons!
We will start each lesson at 11:00 am - please log on a few minutes beforehand to complete the How Do I Feel Today? questionnaire.  If you hit the 'Yes' response to the 'Do you want to talk about it?' question, I shall aim to call you at some point during the day to have a catch up and chat with you.
The first lesson will be a quick discussion about how to use the stream functions, ground rules for the meetings and reading the first chapter of Tom's Midnight Garden so please make sure you have the book handy.  Lessons thereafter will consist of reading a chapter of our book and Big Maths.  Questions for Reading Comprehension and the Big Maths worksheets for the day will be accessible via Google Classroom. 
Our priorities within Home Learning are working on the revision guides, our work on Google Classroom, writing tasks, reading daily, TTRS, Purple Mash, the Homework Grid and then any other learning from the website.
I have loved reading your amazing stories, poems and some of you have even completed non-fiction text types within your writing!  Thank you for this - knowing how much effort you are putting into your learning makes me SO proud!
Well done if you have already quizzed your book.  Please find the link below to log on to the website when you are going to quiz.
This week, as you will have read above, there will be Reading Comprehension on our class book, Tom's Midnight Garden.  This will mean there are lots of Bingo points available for Reading this week!
Each daily session reading your AR book: 1 point
If you quiz your book and achieve over 80%: 2 points
Reading Comprehension on TMG: 1 point per session
Poem a day: 1 point for each day you complete this
This week our Grammar focus is prepositions.  There are several resources to help you - BBC and The Oak Academy.
Bingo points as follows...
Grammar from the SATs revision booklets: 1 point per session
Completing the BBC quiz from the link below: 1 point
Each worksheet/activity on prepositions: 1 point
Weekly spellings will be set on Purple Mash.
Spellings for Group 1 are below.
Spellings for Group 2 are as follows:
Monday - dictionary
Tuesday - community
Wednesday - competition
Thursday - curiosity
Friday - immediately
Remember - each session of spelling is worth 1 Bingo point!
I have loved the range of writing being sent to me from poems and stories to non-fiction texts!  Thank you so much!  Hope you enjoy this week's pictures!
This week, our Maths focus will be on Google Classroom.  
Monday - Thursday - Big Maths on Google Classroom
Friday - Big Maths challenges on Big Maths website
For each Big Maths challenge, you receive 1 Bingo point!
For each revision session, you receive 1 Bingo point!
TTRS challenge this week: 7 Garage sessions = 7 Bingo points!
This week, if you have already completed your Big Maths on Google Classroom for Mon, Tues and Weds, please find a fun activity below for you to complete instead.  If you haven't completed your TTRS challenge, please prioritise this (and let Miss Shields know what item you are aiming to earn on TTRS through the classwork page on Google Classroom)!
This Week's Grid
Hope you enjoy this week's learning - please send through lots of photos of your amazing efforts on the Portfolio page on Dojo!!!
Here is a grid showing persuasive techniques used in a range of persuasive writing.  Not all features are present in every text using persuasive techniques but try to complete the rest of the table and include some of the features in your writing from the grid!  Watch the videos too to help you fill in the grid and understand persuasive writing!
Additional Resources and Links
Please keep writing your observations on the Bacteria Investigation!  I am really looking forward to your photos and obs on this!  I have set up a ToDo on Purple Mash to help you collate the pictures and observations!
Although more commonly associated with Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece also used mosaics in their decoration!  Can you make a picture of Medusa using the mosaic templates?  What other designs can you produce?