Week 3

Thank you so much for your continued efforts in Home Learning.  I LOVE seeing the photos on portfolio - keep them coming!
Stay safe and have fun with Week 3's learning!
Remember to send me through the weekly score on Friday and I will celebrate the hard work on the Gallery page where you can also find pictures of your lovely hard work!
By now you have hopefully all picked up your AR books and will be reading them and quizzing as you need to.  If you have already quizzed on a book, let me know via Dojo and I will delete the previous quiz so you can complete it this year.  Continue to read books from home and try to read a poem a day - there are lots of websites with hundreds/thousands of poems on or you can read your own poetry books if you have them!
Each daily reading session = 1 point 
Each poem a day = 1 point
Reading comprehension based on Michael Faraday = 1 point
Additional reading from the online library link = 1 point per day
Oak National Academy have teamed up with the National Literacy Trust to provide an online library.  Please follow the link to find their free book for the week and activities based on it.
Last week, our focus was speech marks to help you if you decided to write a story using the picture as inspiration.  This week, one of your grid activities is to write a set of instructions so we are going to look at bullet points, commas in lists, colons and semi-colons - if you want, you can also complete your SATs booklets pages on these areas to help reinforce your learning.
SATs booklets - each revision session = 1 point
Each activity on the website = 1 point
Here is a handy video on bullet points.
Please use these guides to help you accurately punctuate your instructions!
Spellings for the week will be a Purple Mash ToDo.
Group 1 - please find your spellings below.
Group 2
Your spellings for the week are:
Monday - stomach
Tuesday - system
Wednesday - persuade
Thursday - frequently
Friday - marvellous
Each day's spelling practice = 1 point
As well as your inspirational pictures being posted on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there are several writing activities on your grid.  Please send through your writing on Dojo as I love to read it.  If you type it onto Purple Mash, you can save it to your file and just let me know!
What will you write today?
A sea shanty?
A story?
An advertisement for the Amazing Talking Parrot?
As well as your SATs booklets, please find a recap of square and cube numbers and activities based on area this week - the worksheets get harder so do not worry if you are finding the last few questions difficult as these are meant to challenge you!  Try to complete as much as you can and refer to your SATs revision guides for help if you need to.  If you are really stuck, let me know!
SATs revision session = 1 point
Additional sheets = 1 point
This Week's Grid
I have created the grid this week with all new activities below the headings and the regular activities at the top.  Please keep a tally of each activity (on this sheet or just note it down) to send the breakdown on Friday so we can celebrate your awesome efforts!
Additional resources and links
Watch the video, read the webpage and then test your knowledge of longitude and latitude!