Week 2

PLEASE check Class Dojo
for regular updates each week!
Just like last week, the main focus of Violet Class home learning will be working through the SATs revision books.  Although the tests will not be going ahead, it is still vital that the children maintain a high level of learning throughout the rest of the term in order to best prepare them for secondary school.  The assessments will be teacher based this year so the children will need to demonstrate their understanding of the same content that they would have been tested on even though it will not be completed within the formal assessment week in May.
Working through the English and Maths SATs booklets will ensure continued coverage of the core curriculum and to help you complete a range of subjects, I will also post links to useful websites and a range of activities in other subjects each week.  
There will also be a challenge on TTRS which will start on Monday and end on Sunday to complete at least three Garage sessions (although I would encourage you to complete more if you can!).
When you reach the Home Learning Grid, you'll find out all about Home Learning Bingo...
Please continue to read as much as possible at home, chatting about the book and the characters with your family if you can! One reading session a day counts as one Bingo point!
Reading a poem each day also counts as one point per day!
Please follow this link to take you to our school's AR page:
Please complete some of the grammar within the purple English book before completing any of the following.
Below is a short video all about speech marks.  It should help remind you how to punctuate speech if you choose to include it in your writing this week.
Look at the poster below - note the difference between the double inverted commas for direct speech and one mark for quotations.
In Violet Class, we have our regular spellings through the week which will be sent as a ToDo on Purple Mash.
There are also two additional spellings groups.
Group 1, whose spellings are based on phonics, please find the document for Week 2 below.
Group 2 who have one additional spelling a day, your spellings for the week are:
Mon: guarantee
Tues: achieve
Weds: develop
Thurs: different
Fri: difference
Ideally, please continue to learn one spelling a day and recap the others through the week!
There will be a new picture to inspire you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please use the picture to help you create ideas and write a range of writing from stories and poetry to non-fiction like a newspaper article, persuasive poster - even a discussion text if you want to!  The only limit is your imagination which as we know is without boundaries...
Please find the link to TTRS below.  Your challenge this week: 3 Garage games.
This week's grid
Miss Shields will be asking each of you to send through a Home Learning Bingo score and breakdown via Dojo on a Friday - i.e. how many of the boxes/activities you have completed for the week.
Each session of revision from your SATs revision guide counts as 1 point and each piece of independent writing based on a picture counts as 1 point so if you complete 3 sessions a day of revision and each of the Time to Write challenges, you'll gain a whopping 18 points for the week before you even start on the rest of the grid - AMAZING!.  Each completed ToDo and completed challenge of TTRS will also count as a point!
We will celebrate our Home Learning Bingo Winners on the website each week!
Additional resources and links
There are lots of additional resources for you to explore in a range of different areas!  Enjoy!
Follow this link to find out more about classification and identifying (one of the Types of Enquiry we study in Science).
Joe Wicks will be beginning his PE sessions on YouTube each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am.
The BBC will be running online Teach lessons each day on a range of platforms.
Please see the timetable below for details.
The website Twinkl will also be providing free resources which link to the BBC Learn timetable.  If you'd like to look at these, please find the links within the PDF below.
We all need to relax and unwind in these uncertain times.  Below are animal-based colouring sheets to help you relax.  Remember - your mental health is vital so take time to stop and reflect on what you are grateful for, what you have achieved in a day, a compliment to yourself and others or even just time to shut off and relax your brain completely!
As we enter lockdown number 3 keeping active is really important, and that’s why #ThisIsPE, produced in Yorkshire and endorsed by AfPE and the Department for Education, is a useful way to deliver activities and games that will entertain, educate and burn off some of that energy. The videos are presented by PE teachers and linked to the Primary PE curriculum so it is a fantastic way for teachers to continue to educate children at home or for parents to keep children physically active at home! All videos are available through the link below and can be used by teachers to deliver virtual PE or my parents at home home educating their children.