Spelling Quizzes

Spellings - Purple Mash
Weekly spelling lists and practice sheets
Please find below the weekly spelling lists for the rest of the Spring 1 half term.  The children are familiar with the 'Look Say Cover Write Check' format for practising their spellings at the start of the week.
The weekly Friday spelling quiz will then be on Purple Mash each week for your child to complete. 
Please Google 'Purple Mash' and login.  Login details are all in your child's planner, but please get in touch if you have difficulty accessing it. 
Your child should be familiar with how to access these spelling quizzes, but just in case, they are also set as a task in their 'To Do' lists.
Please ask if you have any questions about the spellings.  
Dictation Sheets
As an extra way to practise, or as a way to test your child on the weekly spelling words, please use the following dictation sheets.  These are what we would usually use to complete their weekly spelling tests on a Friday, if they were in school.  Just read the sentence to your child, leaving the blank and ask them to write down the word they think is missing (which will be one of their spelling words from that week).