On this area, you will find a range of resources and activities to support your child with their maths learning.
If you have any questions, or would like any ideas to support your child with any areas they are finding tricky, please just ask.
Big Maths w/b 11.01.2021
Times tables
Regular practise of times tables is really important to build your child's speed and confidence.  Secure times tables knowledge is absolutely key for so many other areas of maths, which is why we place so much importance on the children knowing the facts, at speed.
Please encourage your child to continue to access the TT Rockstars website to practise their times tables and move up through the ranks.
Have a look at some of the KIRFs which specifically focus on the times tables expected for Year 4.
In addition, there are a number of online games and activities which are useful for times tables.  Please look at 'Top Marks' (, which is a site we use daily in school, especially the 'Hit the Button' game (useful for times tables, number bonds etc) and the 'Daily 10' (, which can be set to focus on times tables, with a time limit for each question. 
In addition, please find below a set of times table quizzes.  Each one could be used a few times throughout the week to build your child's confidence and knowledge of the questions and then used as a timed quiz at the end of each week (which is how we would have done it in school).  There are 30 here, so more than enough for one per week until half term!    
Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs)
Please find below a series of KIRFs for Year 4.  These are facts which we would expect all children in the class to know confidently and at speed (rather than having to work them out each time). Some are focused on times tables, whereas others are linked with different areas of maths.  
Please feel free to use these regularly throughout the week to support your child and build these basic number skills.
Recently, we have also been checking on number bonds to both 10 and 100 ('jigsaw numbers'), so helping your child to be secure in these would also be hugely beneficial.  Again, if you need ideas for easy and practical ways to practise these, please ask!
Useful websites
* Topmarks
* Daily 10
* Hit the Button
* Starter generator We use this in class every morning to practise calculation methods.  Beware!  There are also a lot of very complicated topics on this area, too!  Ignore those and please choose from the arithmetic sections at the top (under the 'Topic' tab) and set the difficulty level no higher than 3 or 4!