Proud Page

Welcome to the Yellow Class 'Proud Page'.
On this page you will find examples of the amazing work our class have been producing throughout the lockdown period. We are so proud of everything that Yellow Class are doing during this really tricky time, and Mr Ninnes continues to be amazed by regular examples of resilience and strength that every one of you displays. 
Mr Ninnes would also like to say a special THANK YOU to all of the amazing parents and carers of Yellow Class. You are all doing such an incredible job as substitute teachers, and your constant support and positive feedback really keeps our spirits high.
Please keep doing what you're doing.
Talk 4 Writing
This term, we have been concentrating on poetry. In particular, 'The Dancing Tiger' poem. We have read the poem over and over, and created storymaps, artwork, and actions to help us remember it. We looked at the vocabulary, and structure of the poem, and then made some subtle changes.
This process gave us the skills and knowledge to be able to plan and create our own animal poems. 
Below are examples of the work we produced along the way.
Tiger Artwork!
These are all so fantastic.
We have some incredible artists in Yellow Class!
Our Story Maps!
Some of these are based on the original poem.
Some are based on the poem with some minor differences.
Some are from the planning stages of our own poems.
The Tiger's House!
Yellow Class were told to create the Dancing Tiger's house in any way they wanted. What they came up with was brilliant.
Planning a new poem based on 'The Dancing Tiger'
Here are some pictures from the planning stage of our poem writing!
The Poems!
Here are some examples of the final poems Yellow Class created.
These are absolutely wonderful.
In Yellow Class, we complete a piece of handwriting practise everyday. We are all wonderful at handwriting, but this is one of the quickest things to lose when you don't practise often enough. 
Well, we've been practising lots!
Here are some examples of our beautiful handwriting.
Here you will find various examples of the fantastic work Yellow Class has produced as part of our 'Forties to Naughties' topic, as well as other creative tasks during the term.
Everything else!
Here is a collection of pictures that you have shared with me over the lockdown period. Some of these are pictures of what you've been getting up to in your free time. Some are examples of beautiful work you have decided to complete on your own. I love it when you send me stuff like this, so please keep doing it!