Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class !
Welcome to Yellow Class!
On this page you will find photographs and videos of all of the exciting things we get up to each term as well as important documents you may need throughout the term.
We have so much fun together, keep checking for useful information! 
Locating continents and oceans on 3D balloon globes
We thought it was very important that one of the first steps of our project would be to name, locate and recognise oceans and continents on a globe.
We used balloons, we loved using a 3D shape! This has helped us understand where places are as well as the size and the oceans surrounding us. 
Penzance Tennis Club
We were very lucky to be visited by Penzance Tennis Club who came to our school and provided taster sessions for every class. 
The Sand Horse 
As part of our current 'Our World' project and Talk 4 Write sessions, we have been learning the story 'The Sand Horse' which is set at our local beach, St. Ives. 
Yellow Class enjoyed exploring texture, colour and technique through exploring the use of paint to recreate our very own sand horses.