Activities for week beginning 22nd February 
Use this page to find everything you need for writing during the week. 
Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful. 

We are starting our new Talk for Write this week, Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful. This will run for two weeks. 

Monday 1st March 2021

Today I would like you to write about your favourite sunny adventure from the weekend!


Tuesday 2nd March 

 Today we are going to use page 13 of the booklet.  Have a go at finishing the sentences on the story path, some have already been done for you. Remember your full sentences with full stops!

Wednesday 3rd March

Read the fact file on page 22 about a Painted Lady butterfly. Today I would like you to use the fact file template on page 23 to write about a Pool Frog. 


Thursday 4th February

Today is World Book Day! Use the menu below to choose some activities! Don't forget to take part in our booked potato competition aswell, the overall winner receives a £10 book voucher!

Friday 5th March

Use page 28 to tell your own story of how Bob helped these animals to keep safe. I want you to have a go at writing your own story down on page 29.