Violet Class ROCK!

Miss Shields already knows how awesome Violet Class are.  On this page you will find a selection of photos highlighting some of your AMAZING, STUPENDOUS and OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME work you have been completing during the school closure.
Keep sending the photos via Dojo and I will add them to this page.
Keep being you - YOU are brilliant!
Violet Class have been SO busy throughout the school closure!
We have:
1. Completed lots of our SATs booklets
2. Handed in lots of ToDos on Purple Mash including work on:
  • coding
  • spelling
  • times tables
  • grammar
  • grouping animals
  • Geography
  • similes and metaphors
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • rationing in the war
  • weather reports
  • film reviews
  • comic books
  • games
  • fractions
  • decimals
  • functions
  • measures
  • perimeter
  • area
  • dividers
  • bulbs in a circuit
  • quizzes
  • making your own quiz
  • a helicopter game
  • geography including South American countries
  • Wanted posters for Goldilocks
  • 3D shapes
  • electrical safety
  • more coding
  • numbers to 10,000
  • numbers to a million
  • healthy food groups
  • sorting healthy food
  • similes
  • metaphors
  • magnetism
  • natural and man made sorting
  • sending a rocket into space
  • division with remainders
  • a Titanic quiz
  • more fractions
  • animation
  • sequencing
  • a healthy food quiz
  • more multiplication practise
  • more spelling practise
  • creating a debate about screen time
  • using personification
  • recalling number facts
  • coding a catching game
  • completing reading comprehension
  • designing products for the real world
  • thinking about how to create calm from chaos in poetry
  • looking at Roman numerals
  • multiplying
  • investigating databases
  • comparing fractions
  • creating databases
  • work on the planets
  • maths games
3. made dens
4. baked with a dragon theme
5. cooked chilli
6. cooked curry
7. made pizza
8. spoken to Florence Nightingale
9. been to the theatre (virtually)
10. watched Horrible Histories
11. followed along with Joe Wicks
12. made a bridge to hold a stuffed toy
13. baked cupcakes
14. created mosaics
15. made 3D sculptures of 2D artwork
16. read about animals
17. watched Steve Backshall
18. created volcanoes (love these, guys - amazing!)
19. drew Egyptian gods and goddesses
20. made nature pictures
21. baked cake
22. written to an astronaut!
23. looked at the work of doctors
24. read some books
25. completed an AWESOME periodic table jigsaw
26. created our own island with rocks, plant life and animals that could be found there
27. completed tricky maths challenges
28. looked at angles
29. looked at circles
30. planted seeds
31. made a post box
32. made a musical instrument
33. star gazed (and slept in till noon the next day!)
34. looked at geodes
35. written diary entries
36. researched the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons
37. completed book reviews
38. read a bit more
39. written about job roles
40. created a paper comic book
41. looked at the work of great artists and recreated their painting
42. written reports on Hadrian's Wall
43. exercised on hoverboards
44. exercised on trampolines
45. learned to ride a bike
46. ran
47. cycled
48. looked after our pets
49. researched Victorian inventions
50. researched earthquakes
51. tried our hand at pointilism
52. created our own William Morris design!
53. planted in hanging baskets
54. completed VE day activities
55. FINISHED our SATs booklets (AMAZING!!!)
56. completed Science experiments
57. written poetry
58. created book covers
59. written blurbs
60. earned a Yellow belt in judo through video calls (BRILLIANT!)
61. watched a Q and A with an astronaut
62. had our picture shown in a gallery
63. watched Tim Peake discuss life in space
64. drew satellites  
65. looked at international weather forecasts
66. looked at the history of spacesuits
67. investigated thunderstorms
68. completed more jigsaws
69. created ways to keep our family members feeling connected
70. had a live chat with the renowned primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall
71. experimented with ingredients in cooking
72. enjoyed socially distanced walks with friends
73. investigated rock formations
74. completed fantastic STEM projects
75. making origami models
76. making dens
77. made pom poms
78. sketched nature
79. completed nature rubbings
80. competed in the School Games 2020
81. completed sport in fancy dress!
82. ridden our bikes more
83. headed to the beach for the day
84. played tennis
85. played basketball
86.  written some amazing stories
87. surfed
88. socially distanced walking
89. trying new food 
90. making and drinking smoothies
91.  helping out with chores around the house
92. trampolining
93. been looking after animals (chickens, dogs, rat, rabbits... we love our animals!!!)
94. completed Physics tests
95. completed Biology work
96. written a diary 
97. created inspirational artwork
98. read lots of books
99. learned more Spanish vocabulary
100.  baked peanut butter cookies (they sounded delicious!)
101. created symmetrical patterns
102. a HUGE amount of outdoor activities
103. completed an AMAZING 80k in 80 days (SUPER impressed by this!)
Keep letting me know how hard you are working and sending through the photos on Dojo!  I'm sure there's more to add to the list...
SO proud of you all!
It is National Thank A Teacher Day on May 20th so I would like to thank EVERYONE at Heamoor School for being fabulous during the school closure!
Also, thank you to all the parents and carers out there who are doing such a fabulous job at home!
Violet Class' Parents Rock Too!