Sex and Relationships Education Policy

RE (Religious Education) & SRE (Sex & Relationships Education) form part of every school’s basic curriculum which is distinct from the National Curriculum. The basic curriculum relates to those aspects of education which are the responsibility of the parent and which the school supports. The National Curriculum relates to those aspects which are the responsibility of the school and which are supported by parents.
Parents have the right to withdraw their child, in whole or in part, from RE, collective worship e.g. assemblies and/or SRE. Parents would be invited to meet with the headteacher to discuss any withdrawal arrangements.
Please note: It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the school directly if they wish to withdraw their child from any aspect of the basic curriculum or if they wish to withdraw their original consent at a later date. New parents have the opportunity to inform the school by completing & returning the School Admissions Booklet. Existing parents are reminded, via the newsletter, at the beginning of each new academic  year
At Heamoor School we teach sex education across all 3 key stages, at age-appropriate levels, through our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme.  Our SRE Policy outlines how we deliver this provision.