SEND Policy


The staff & governors of Heamoor Primary School are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all children in a wholly inclusive environment. An inclusive education offers excellence and choice and incorporates the views of parents and children to afford every child the opportunity to achieve their personal potential.
The school actively seeks, in partnership with a wide range of agencies, to remove barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude pupils with special educational needs. We aim to engender a sense of community and belonging and we encourage co-operation with Special Schools to support pupils with SEND. We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils with systems in place for early identification. We have high expectations and set suitable & challenging targets for all children.

The school operates an equal opportunities policy for children with special educational needs who are afforded the same rights as other children.   This includes both those children with statements of special educational needs and those others with less significant problems. The school complies with the Disability Discrimination Act and works proactively with the LA to treat disabled pupils no less favourably and to take reasonable steps to avoid putting pupils at substantial disadvantage.

Access to the Curriculum

The National Curriculum is made available for all pupils.  Where pupils have SEND a graduated response is adopted. The school makes provision for pupils with SEND to match the nature of their individual needs with flexible grouping of pupils so that learning needs may be met in individual, small group or whole class contexts. Our schemes of work for pupils, teaching styles and supportive resources reflect this approach and are differentiated taking account of special educational needs