Here you will find Scientific activities and ideas for exciting experiments to explore at home with your child.
Science will always be included within our Home Learning Grids, but these activities can provide some additional fun for your child, if you have the time! 
As always, if you have any questions, please ask.
Ice Block Challenge - Week Beginning 4th May
Our most recent focus was linked to our current 'Chapter A Day' novel - The Enchanted Wood.
The children were set a challenge of putting a toy/object in a block of ice and finding ways to melt it, observing closely and discussing what happened to the ice! 
Floating and Sinking - Week Beginning 11th May
This week (11th May), our science experiment is to explore Floating and Sinking! Yellow Class will explore everyday materials, making predictions about what they will think will float and sink. The children will also consider what makes a material waterproof. Keep an eye on this page to see photographs of our results!