This is a REALLY interesting resource challenging you to build a boat that can hold passengers!  Please send me some pictures of your fantastic creations and how successful you are.  Try a range of materials and let me know how it goes...
The Eden Project has lots of brilliant infographics all about soil, pollination and dinosaurs as well as lots of fantastic ideas how to build insect homes, composting and SO MUCH MORE!
Below is a HUGE resource filled with lots of cool activities all about animal adaptations!
Try completing a little research on some of the animals within it and create an awesome fact file (Miss Shields would LOVE to see it when you come back!)
Steve Backshall answers questions each Wednesday at 9:30 am. 
Paradise Park have their own webcams too!
Tim Peake, the astronaut, discusses viruses in space and the potential for children to go up into space on the STEM website.  More videos to follow using this link. 
More interesting ideas from the STEM website below!
A WHOLE book of experiments for you to enjoy...
Wow!  NASA have a page for kids!  It's amazing!  It has games, activities, experiments (including making an edible sun!) as well as videos to watch!  BRILLIANT!
I LOVE Explorify - it is a brilliant website all about SCIENCE!
They have created some collections for you to access from home!  Enjoy...