SATs Revision

A HUGE thank you to Violet Class for all your hard work this year!
Although we have been informed that SATs will not take place in May this year, we are encouraging Violet Class to continue to complete their SATs booklets and to revise little and often whilst the school is closed.  This will ensure they remain confident and prepared for secondary school.  
Ideally, please complete at least 20 minutes revision sessions for each subject, each day.  
This should look like:
20 minutes of Grammar
20 minutes of Spelling
20 minutes of Punctuation
20 minutes of Reading
20 minutes of Maths
(In any order you like!)
BREAKS ARE IMPORTANT!  Please ensure you take plenty of rest between sessions and try to mix up the way you revise - draw spider diagrams (see picture) to help remember key vocabulary, posters and pictures to help your brain store information and plenty of practise questions to keep your skills honed.
Try to focus on things you are less sure of to begin with but remember that even the basics are important e.g. knowing what a noun is, when to use a and an and what an odd, even, prime and composite number is.   
Revise a range of subjects to keep your brain engaged!
I am so proud of you, Violet Class!
Miss Shields
Although the revision guides you all have will probably be the most useful tool you will use to help you revise, you may find these links/documents useful too.
English - Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Reading Comprehension