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Welcome to Red Class
What a fantastic first week of home-learning we have had. The children have really enjoyed learning about The Gingerbread Man and his adventures. Keep an eye out for our 'Proud Cloud' work from last week.  

Mrs Trenerry x 

Look at how busy we have been...
This week we have been learning all about The Gingerbread Man. 
We have had to create some adjectives to describe the characters in the story. We have also been really busy making a new house for The Gingerbread Man to live in. 
We have also been getting ready for our home learning adventure by creating our own numeral cards and sound cards to help us at home. 
Look at how busy we have been in week 2...
This week the class have been busy creating their own story maps to help them learn the story. They then used these story maps to invent their own stories, changing different elements and characters. 
We have also built different items that The Gingerbread Man can use in his great escape from the little old lady and man. These have included: cars, boats and aeroplanes. 
Look at how busy we have been in week 3...
The Gingerbread Man is still causing havoc and we don't know where he is so the children have made wanted posters to help us find him. 
In Art and Design, we have built some traps to catch him, we really hope they work. Can you spot our puppets too!