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Welcome to Red Class
Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Searle and Miss Reynolds would like to welcome you all to the Red Class page.
In Red Class we aim to provide all children with a wealth of enjoyable, meaningful learning experiences that will allow every child to flourish and grow. We are very lucky to have a spacious classroom with access to an extensive outdoor area to explore. 
Our class page has key sections for you to browse and you will find some useful documents at the bottom of the page to support your understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  
Our EYFS Curriculum 

Our Curriculum in Early Years in built upon our knowledge of the children, information from parents, inspiration from our community and underpinned by the Educational Programmes set out in the EYFS Statutory Framework. Our Curriculum is broad and balanced so that children can reach their full potential by learning new skills and understanding the world around them. We understand the importance of the prime areas of learning and aim to unlock potential through providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive. We intend to equip our children with key life skills that will allow them to progress to the next stage of education as confidence, resilience and capable learners. 

Our Curriculum in EYFS is broad and balanced and we provide learning opportunities that encompass all seven educational programmes. Each term we have a specific theme which is planned to build on their prior knowledge and further their progress in a holistic learning environment. Linked to each theme are high quality texts which expose children to rich vocabulary and allow them to immerse themselves in different environments and situations.

We give children the chance to drive their own learning through a floor book approach style to the theme. Within this we capture what children already know and gain an understanding as to what they are curious about. We log this as progression in a floor book that is owned by the children which captures the children’s questions, learning and reflections.

We know that the home learning environment is extremely important and we try hard to engage parents in their child’s learning. Aside from reading, we set home learning tasks each week linked to our theme that are interactive and enjoyable. We give children time to talk about these experiences and use them as displays within the classroom so that children can talk about them with friends, ask questions about other children’s work and enjoy having their efforts valued.

Take a look at us in action...
Autumn 1- Into the Woods
Autumn 2- What happens down on the Farm?
Where In The World Are We?

Our Curriculum ensures that children have the very best early years education. By having excellent transition processes in place, the children make progress right from the very start. The experiences we provide enable children to make connections with the world around them and be ready to begin their school journey with confidence.

We are aspirational for all children and our Curriculum allows children to be ambitious. Children are eager to learn and are proud of their achievements.

Family Partnerships and Transition
We know that a successful transition allows children to feel safe and secure when they start school and that families will feel informed and part of our school family. 
Our transition began in June 2021 and consisted of:
  • Four sessions in our outdoor area (covid secure) so that children could meet each other and their new teachers. 
  • Mrs Bradbury visited the children in their feeder nursery to meet their key workers and find out what the children enjoyed doing at nursery.
  • Home visits commenced at the beginning of July, we really enjoyed meeting the children and their families.
  • Parents were invited to an online meeting to find out more about the school experience. 
This smooth transition enabled the children to settle in straight away in September.
After visiting the children at home over summer, each family were signed up to Dojo and Tapestry to help keep in touch and showcase some of the learning that goes on in school and at home. 
The children have engaged well in home learning activities and really enjoy the opportunity to share these experiences with their class friends...
Holistic learning 
In Red class we recognise children's interests, create an environment that will foster their love of learning and use a variety of approaches to ensure children make progress in all areas of learning. We are in tune with how each individual likes to learn and offer activities and areas of learning that support children's characteristics of learning. Here are some examples...
Our children are at the very heart of everything that we do. Their wellbeing is paramount to their learning. We have been using different activities to support our wellbeing in class. Here are some examples...
We are on the road to writing!
We recognise the importance of our physical development skills in order to be competent writers. Here are some of the activities in class that we do to work on our gross and fine motor skills... 
We love to write
Building confidence with writing is what we love to do. We started this early on and the children are now keen to practice sounds they have learned so far... 
Developing a love of reading 
The new 'EYFS Statutory Curriculum' has a specific focus on developing children's communication and language skills. We understand the importance of these skills as strong foundations. In Red class we have have the following things in place to support children's learning:
  • A treasury chest made up with high quality texts to share
  • The Nutfield Early Language Intervention programme
  • Quality interactions with children, building on language skills
  • Show and tell sessions
  • Visuals used consistently with all children 
To support early reading
  • Weekly texts linked to our theme
  • Books in areas of provision and a dedicated area within the classroom
  • Reading karate scheme to support and encourage reading at home
  • Reading for enjoyment session weekly with Y6 buddies 
  • Consistent and effective phonics scheme- Read, write inc
Marvellous Maths
Useful resources