Reading Karate

The Rationale
Just like the Japanese Martial Art, Reading Karate is about practising a skill and working your way up through a series of bands/belts. We hope that it will encourage our children to read at home and help them to achieve all the different coloured wristbands. It’s great fun, boosting the children's self image as a reader and developing their reading skills and strategies.
How it works 
Parents and children in Year 1 and 2 need to write their reads into their reading diary and it is then checked in school and counted up.

 Children should be reading a minimum of 4 pages to count as one read.
 Only 1 read will be counted per day.
Parents MUST sign each read in the reading diary for it to count as a read.
Getting started...
When the children have achieved 15 reads they will need to show their reading diary to the class teacher/teaching assistant. The child will then be awarded their WHITE wristband and certificate in the Froday morning 'celebration' assembly.
The children will then work their way up through the bands swapping the bands each time for the next coloyr.  This will continue until your child achieves their accomplished black wristband and become a Reading Karate Master!

Once your child has achieved their black wristband they will start the process again (black/white, black/yellow etc.) but they keep their black wristband. At the end of the academic year your child will be able to keep any black wristband that they have achieved.

There is no cost for this new reading incentive scheme, but we may ask for a very small donation should bands get lost.