It is very important for your child to develop as a good reader, and your help at home is a vital part of this.  Through reading, children develop understanding of how language works and are introduced to a wide range of vocabulary. This helps them not only develop their reading and comprehension skills, but also with their speaking and writing.

Please encourage your child to read regularly, everyday if possible, for about 15 – 20 minutes. Many children of this age will still need your support as they read, to help them with unfamiliar words and ideas. They will also enjoy your attention and the opportunity to talk with you about the contents of the book.

If your child needs help with any words, encourage them to use strategies they have been taught, such as putting the letter sounds together or checking whether the word makes sense in the sentence.

Please TALK to your child during or after reading about what they have read to make sure they understand. You could ask them to:

  • Re-tell the story in their own words (summarise),
  • Give their opinion of the book,
  • Write about their favourite character,
  • Explain what they have learnt from the book (e.g. give 5 facts).

Remember to praise your child for their efforts.