Reading Scheme & Resources

Our School Reading Scheme
Our School Reading Scheme is made up of Pearson's Storyworld titles, Oxford Reading Tree and a wide range of fabulous fiction texts.
The reading scheme starts with non-word or wordless books in EYFS and goes up all the way to Year 6 and transition to Year 7. Each book is banded so there is clear progression and a tight structure.  This structure gives your child security within the book bands and keeps the texts they read appropriate for their level of reading skills and comprehension.  
We encourage Parents to view these reading books as a personal reading journey for their child as rushing through them will not help them achieve the enjoyment and understanding necessary and have the enough time to develop their reading skills, phonetic ability, vocabulary and comprehension awareness at a consistent and even rate as one set of skills cannot work without the other.

Some books may appear easier or harder than others but the book band system, which is in place across all schools in the country, is carefully graded within a range of specific skills, knowledge and understanding at each level.

Thank you for all your support with reading at home! Parents really can make a difference to their child's reading attainment, progress and self-image as a reader by listening to their child read at home regularly.

Parents, carers and members of the school community support our Reading practise and progress in school. We provide a 'Hearing Individual Readers' pack for information, guidance and support.