Welcome Page!

Dear Orange Class Parents,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your support over the last half term. You have done an amazing job and I know it has not always been easy. (I know this as I also have a year one in my own home school!) We have all had days when we have given up, but ultimately you have all done your best for your children and I am very grateful for your engagement in their learning.  Next week there is no work being set. (I hear you all sigh!)  Please make sure your children have a break! (and you if possible!)  I am going to try and record the last chapters of 'Fing' so that you can continue this if you wish. 
Take Care and Stay Safe,
Miss Cocks 
Please find the daily plan for today below!
The Orange Class Bake Off!
Superstar Gallery- There are three already!
Olivia's Awesome Parachute!