Welcome Page!

Dear Parents and Carers,
You will notice that there is no longer a 'Home Learning Grid' as I have moved to 'Daily Plans'.  This ensures that the children are still getting a broad and balanced curriculum, and a bit more of a routine! Each day I will upload a new daily plan for you.  I have given each learning task a colour of the rainbow to make it a bit more fun.  If they complete all of the tasks they will be given a 'Rainbow Challenge Dojo'.
There are also some different Dojo's available during the period of home learning. I will be giving them out for children who have completed individual tasks, shown resilience while their parents have worked from home, helped around the house or with the cooking, kept active, been kind to a neighbour/relative.... the possibilities are endless! Your job is to keep me informed as to what they have been up to so that I can award these. These are NOT just going to be learning based as I am well aware of the difficulties that families are facing right now. I am here if you need anything at all, or any questions. 
Below is the first daily plan.  Everything you need is set up on the relevant pages. 
RED- Morning Job- found on the 'Morning Job Page'
ORANGE- Phonics - All you have to do for this is send them to phonics with me via Zoom at 9:45am each day.
YELLOW- Writing - found on the 'Writing page.'
GREEN- Maths- Found on the 'Maths page'
BLUE-Project-Found on the 'Project page'
INDIGO- Read with an adult
VIOLET- Listen to 'Fing' found on the 'Chapter a Day page'
The Great Orange Class Bake Off!
I am so proud of you all.  It was a huge success!