Everyone has a Ukulele on loan from the Cornwall Music Hub.  At regular times, they will need re-tuning, so please can you look at this video to tune the strings.
Also, you could download a free tuning app, such as GuitarTuna, which can be used anywhere once it's on your phone - it will 'listen' to the strings as you pluck them and tell you to tighten or loosen them accordingly to achieve the correct pitch. 
There are thousands of Ukulele tutorial videos on YouTube, so your child is free to try playing any tunes that he or she wishes. We will be rehearsing and performing pieces as a whole class as the term goes on, but everyone is still a beginner on this instrument! Just enjoy it and get comfortable holding the ukulele & moving your fingers to make the basic chord structures with the help of the coloured dots.  Mr. Fletcher will be leading whole-class ukulele lessons in the next couple of weeks once Google Classroom has been set up across the school.
Thanks very much, we look forward to hearing the children playing!