Morning Jobs

Week Beginning 22nd February 2021
This week we are going to focus on writing questions. Look at the people below.  Write three questions each day which you would like to ask them.
Monday 22nd February 2021
Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Wednesday 24th February 2021
Thursday 25th February 2021
Friday 26th February 2021
Week Beginning 1st March 2021
This week we are going to be answering would you rather? questions.  Have a go at answering each question using the word 'because' each day.  We remember to spell this by saying 'big elephants can always understand small elephants'
Monday 1st March 2021- Would you minds or be invisible?
Tuesday 2nd March 2021-Would you rather....have four legs or four arms? 
Wednesday 3rd March 2021-Would you rather....have a car that can fly or have a car that goes underwater?
Thursday 4th March 2021-Would you rather....have an actual rocket ship or have an actual robot?
Friday 5th March 2021-Would you rather....find a mermaid or find a unicorn? 
Start each sentence with: I would rather.........because.............