Literacy Information and Resources



On this page you will find resources to support the 'Write it' section on the 'Home Learning Grid'. 


The main focus in EYFS is that children can hear the initial sounds in words. For example they can hear the f in fish and the d in dog. 


The next step is for your child to be able to segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together. For example. now they will be able to hear and write more sounds in fish. It may well be f-i-sh and dog will be d-o-g.


The next step is writing short sentences which they can begin reading back to themselves. 


How can I support my child?

When supporting your child with their writing it is important that you allow them to use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. Therefore if your child is writing the word fish and they can't hear the 'sh' sound at the end this is where they are developmentally and it is important to support that. In class we would add a little annotation in a different colour pen after their writing to help add meaning to their marks.


Literacy - WC 11th Jan
 -Re-tell the story of The Gingerbread Man, this time choosing your own characters. 
-Create your own story map (use mine to help you)
Literacy - WC 18th Jan
 -Make a wanted poster for to help us find The Gingerbread Man. 
-Look at the story again and think about some 'wow' words that you can use to describe him. Write your 6 adjectives in a list.
Literacy - WC 25th Jan
 - This week we will be baking our Gingerbread Men. Come up with a list of ingredients that you will need to bake the Gingerbread. 
-Have a think about how you are going to bake your Gingerbread, complete your set of instructions. 
-This week we will be looking at rhyming words - see if you can pair up the pictures, naming the picture out loud so you can hear the rhyming words. 
-Design a delicious Gingerbread Man before you start baking. 
Literacy - WC 1st Feb
 - This week we start our new topic, 'Litterbug Doug' where we will begin looking at different materials and what items are made from. 
We will also begin looking at recycling and rubbish, making links between the materials we have been learning about. 
Children will be encouraged to make links between what they do at home with their rubbish and where it ends up - this will be extended throughout the topic. 
Literacy - WC 8th Feb
 - This week we will be looking at the story, 'The life of a little plastic bottle' and the journey items go on every day. We will create our own bird feeders, just like in the story. 
We will be learning about reduce, reuse and recycle, what these mean and how we can make changes at home and school to help protect the world.
We will continue looking at common materials, and start feeling them carefully to describe some of their simple properties. 
Literacy - WC 22nd Feb
 - This week we will be looking at the story, 'A Whale's Tale' and the impact that plastic pollution is having on our sea creatures. 
This 'wordless' clip provides lots of opportunity for children to ask questions and make a connection with the whale and it's daily struggles. From this, we will answer DERIC style comprehension questions about the clip that we have seen. 
In Art, children will create their own plastic-free fish bowl, thinking about all of the important elements that sea creatures need to survive. We will also create a 3D model of what we saw in the clip, creating a scene using mixed media. 
Finally, we will conclude our topic by comparing two landscapes. One of a local scene and one of a landfill. Red Class  will be encouraged to make links from what they have learnt during the topic, including their understanding of reducing, reusing and recycling to understand the contributing factors of both scenes, and decide which they would rather live in and why. This will be delivered through a detailed conversation with their family, which will be delivered on Class Dojo. 
Literacy - WC 1st March 
This week we celebrate World Book Day. Please choose one starter, main, dessert and drink activity from the menu below to complete on Thursday.  I can't wait to see all of your fantastic creations and completed activities.