Guide to Home Learning

Hi everyone.

Here's where you can find the learning grids which are updated every two weeks. Hopefully there’s a good range of activities for you to choose from. As a rough guide, aim to complete a couple of these each day.

There are, of course, tasks on Purple Mash as well – these should be completed over the course of a week and ‘handed in’ when complete. Also, check the other sections of the website where there are plenty of activities and suggestions to keep you busy.

BBC Bitesize and Oak Learning Academy are offering daily lessons - please make use of them as they are really good. There are White Rose maths resources in the maths section which link directly to the BBC Bitesize maths.

Try to do some daily reading and you can also listen to Mr D's audiobooks - they're free! Can't say fairer than that.

Don't forget about TT Rockstars as well. There is a different focus for times tables each week.

Have fun!