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Home Learning Grid


Introduction to Home Learning Grids 

Each grid is broken down into several sections. These include: Read It, Write It, Paint/Draw/Make It, Count It and Independent Me. These are not set and therefore may change weekly, depending on the topic focus. At times, there may be additional worksheets associated with a piece of work to support your child. You do not need to use these worksheets, they are there as an additional tool if you feel your child would benefit from them. I am happy for work to be completed on plain paper or lined. If the grid states that there is a worksheet on the website, below explains where you will find that worksheet.

Read it - These resources can be accessed via the 'Phonics information and Resources' tab. 

Write it - These resources can be accessed via the 'Literacy information and Resources' tab. 

Count it - These resources can be accessed via the 'Maths information and Resources' tab. 


Home learning grids will be uploaded to this tab of the Red Class webpage weekly, to begin with.   Please work your way through the grid each week as best you can. 

Please use the Home Learning Grids below to support your child at home. The coverage of each grid, will follow topics that would have been covered in class. We have tried to make the work as fun as possible with limited resources. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me on Class Dojo.