G O O D B Y  G R E E N   C L A S S !
G O O D B Y E   G R E E N   C L S !
So, I’m sure by now most of you have read the letter that was sent out on Friday r.e class teachers for next year. 

Unfortunately with a heavy heart I am leaving Heamoor School this summer.

I just want to say what a fantastic year I’ve had with you all. I’ve made amazing memories and have laughed until my stomach hurt with all the jokes we’ve had together. I’ve learnt so much from you all! You were my first class as a qualified teacher and the next class I teach will have a very tough act to follow.

I am really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday for our outdoor session. It will be lovely to be able to say a proper goodbye to most of you and I’ve got a little something for you all to remind you of our year together ☺️

I’ve made a little video collage of our time in Green Class (above) - I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!
Lots of love,
Miss Mathews x