Children's University

We are delighted to be members of
Cornwall Children's University!
Children's University is an ever growing national scheme designed to raise pupil aspirations in a practical and fun way!  It encourages our children to take part in learning activities beyond their school lessons and give them recognition for it.
We enjoy sharing all our pupils' success taking part in extra-curricular clubs both inside and outside the school.  Raising awareness of where their interests may lead them in the future, helping them build skills and knowledge and develop a lifelong love of learning are the aims of the scheme.  Our children attend Sports Clubs, Beavers, Drama workshops and a wide range of interesting and enjoyable activities at different 'Learning Desintations' to earn Children's University hours.  Each unit of time earned is recorded in individual CU Passports which are signed and validated by Teachers and Club Leaders.
Eventually, after lots of fun and hard work, the children's hours are totalled up and lead to Children's University certifcates and even a special graduation ceremony at a local University.
There are 30 Children’s University certificates which are awarded across 10 levels, named after real qualifications.
Lots of our children have already achieved their Bronze and Silver Award!  Well done everyone!